Be Successful with a Flexible Schedule

Being able to set your own hours and schedule for work is a dream for most people. With all those benefits come the responsibility to manage yourself well to be successful. Some quick tips to be more successful:

  • Remember you don’t have to be all over the place with your work hours
  • Set consistent hours but be flexible as you need
  • Work with your biological prime time
  • Set aside deep work time
  • Use the 2 minute rule to get going
  • Use the Pomodoro technique to stay focused – Communicate well

WATCH: Be Successful with a Flexible Schedule


Surviving (and Thriving) Remote Work During Coronavirus

If you’ve never worked remotely before, it can be a daunting and stressful experience. Combine this with school closures, and it can feel like a recipe for productivity disaster. However, there are a few things to keep in mind while you’re working remotely for the first time that will help you be more successful. Remember that you need to:

  • Be more intentional in your communication
  • Have people you can talk to if you’re feeling down
  • Set boundaries with work spaces and times
  • Don’t get too stressed out

Remote work can be a huge benefit to family and work life, but be sure to explore changing your habits to be better at it because it’s very different from working in an office.

WATCH: Surviving (and Thriving) Remote Work During Coronavirus